Bakery Square Holiday Gift Guide

We all have that one person who is notoriously hard to buy for… at Bakery Square, you’re sure to find a gift for everyone on your list! Shop housewares and décor at West Elm, pick up a new outfit for that fashionista at Anthropologie or Free People, check out the selection of toys at Learning Express, give the gift of relaxation from Massage Heights, and you can never go wrong with a gift card to a tasty restaurant! Sales and specials happening throughout the holiday season! Shop at Bakery Square, where everything you love is in one place.

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For the Fashionista: 

You know who we mean, the person who looks like they’ve stepped right out of a magazine every. single. day. The perfectly coordinated outfits with killer shoes, snazzy accessories, and unique patterns only a specific person can pull off. Need a gift? Check out Anthropologie and Free People’s selection, chances are she already loves it there and a new piece for her closet will fit very comfortably.

For the Dog Lover: 

There’s tons of crazy dog parents out there, but crazy dog parents tend to already have EVERYTHING their precious pup could ever want. But do they have dog dishes? Or a super trendy designer bowl? Stylish collar? Spot’s Instagram is about to go from drab to fab!


For the Crazy Cat Lady: 

And for every dog lover, there’s at least two crazy cat ladies. The person who loves cats wayyyy more than people and usually has a kitty condo as a permanent fixture in their living room. Give her a gift she’ll absolutely love, like cat salt and pepper shakers. Or a gift she’ll love to give to her dearest cats, a cat cacoon.

For the Explorer: 

Here one day, gone the next! Getting a gift for the explorer on your list has never been easier. I’m sure they can use a new weekender, luggage tag, or the ultimate travel book to pick their next destination!

For the Yinzer: 

Let’s face it, Pittsburghers are proud to be from Pittsburgh… and have no trouble showing it. Ragged Row has an awesome selection of apparel to warm every yinzer heart. Plus, West Elm has a local section filled with wall decor, mugs, bottle openers and more!


For the Hostess with the Mostess: 

Cheers! For the one who throws the perfect parties. And does it flawlessly. The perfect table setting accompanied by fancy cocktails and food that’s to die for! Give her an upgrade (and cross your fingers she’s having another party soon).

For the Person Who’s Always Stressed Out: 

And for the person who has so much going on they can’t even attend any parties…they need a serious staycation. Give them a much needed weekend to themselves with a massage, over night stay, and the beauty and wellness products for maximum relaxation!

For the Hibernator: 

We all know one, the person who absolutely HATES the cold. Despises winter in every way and just wants to snuggle indoors. They’ll definitely love a fur blanket, some new jammies, and a warm scarf and hat… for the rare occasions you catch them outdoors.

For the Caffeine Addict: 

These come in all different shapes and sizes – the basic Starbucks lover who posts a picture of their name on a cup every day, the person who’s ALWAYS cranky before their morning pick-me-up, or the person who’s kitchen drawers are busting at the seems with K-cups. You can’t go wrong gifting some local beans from Coffee Tree Roasters for these coffee addicts.

For the Fitness Guru: 

Let’s be honest, workout gear can get pretty gross. If you know a fitness guru, gift some new stuff for them to get their sweat on in. P.S. this can also be a great gift for those aspiring fitness gurus who need some motivation to get started!

For the New Parents: 

C’mon this is an easy one! New parents will take any gift with open arms… and maybe the best gift is a night of assistance? But if you’re not up for that challenge like me, give a classic book or a diaper bag even Dad won’t be embarrassed to carry.

For the One That’s Always Hungry: 

We all know one of these. The person who is immediately hungry after eating a full meal. This gifts a no-brainer! There’s tons of delicious food options in Bakery Square to give gift cards to. Panera for breakfast, Jimmy John’s for lunch, Asiatique for dinner, and Social for apps and drinks! Or in this case, they may want a second dinner.

For the Kids:

Want to give your kids their dream holiday with all of this years most wanted toys? Learning Express has you covered! No matter what kind of toys your kids are interested in or what their age is, Learning Express is bound to have it!

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