Walnut Capital Welcomes ZipCar to Walnut Perks!

Walnut Capital is happy to announce our partnership with ZipCar for Walnut Perks! Just another way we can help make city-living as easy as possible. Please call (412) 683-3810 for the awesome deal, exclusively for Walnut Capital tenants!  It can’t be beat!

What is ZipCar?

ZipCar is a smarter, cheaper, and greener alternative to car ownership or rents. It is a way to get around the city, but only when you need it!

How does ZipCar work?

First things first: Apply for a membership! Click Here To Sign Up. Once approved, you will receive a handy little card that will unlock your ZipCar for you! From there, easily reserve ZipCars either online OR on their app. When you are ready to drive your reserved car, all you need to do is tap your card to the windshield, drive for your allotted time, and return it back to it’s original spot! It’s that simple! 

To find the closest ZipCar to your Walnut Capital property, please advise the list below: 

ZipCar Walnut Capital

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