Walnut Capital’s Pittsburgh Apartments Go Smoke Free

Walnut Capital is proud to announce that all of their Pittsburgh apartments and properties are officially SMOKE FREE! We believe that this change will strongly benefit all of our residents with cleaner apartments, balconies, communal spaces & grounds, as well as improved health & wellness from better air quality.

Smoke-free apartment communities not only promote a healthy resident population, but also a healthy bottom line for owners and investors.
-Dave Watkins, Chairman of the Board of the National Apartment Association

Starting January 1st, no smoking is permitted in unit, in common areas, in any outside area on the property, or within 10 feet of any door or other entrance to the buildings. As per our non-smoking addendum, the purposes of our new policy are to mitigate the following:

  1. the irritation and known health effects of secondhand smoke
  2. the increased maintenance, cleaning, and redecorating costs from smoking
  3. the increased risk of fire from smoking

The landlord will promote the new non-smoking policy by posting non-smoking signs at the entrances and exits, common areas, hallways, and in conspicuous places adjoining the grounds of the apartment complex. We hope that all residents will agree to and acknowledge the changes, and will inform all guests of the new no-smoking policy.

Walnut Capital is happy to extend this greener, cleaner, healthier way of life to everyone. We look forward to welcoming all residents, both old and new, to this fresh approach to city living!

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