National Maintenance Month

Happy National Maintenance Month! Here at Walnut Capital, we have the best maintenance team around. We appreciate and celebrate them everyday, but this month we celebrate them a little extra.

Walnut Capital wouldn’t be what it is without our wonderful group of maintenance men, who always keep the tenants happiness a priority. In fact, over 83% of our tenants said they had an excellent experience with the maintenance staff, and 90% reported that their request was handled fast.


Ryan Lebanik

Resident Review: “Ryan is the nicest most courteous and professional person who we trust to be in our home. It’s a pleasure to see him every time. Thank you so much.”

Bill Bundy

Resident Review: “Bill is amazing and I know whatever the problem is he will be there same day to fix it. Super nice guy.”

Allen Weigner

Resident Review: “I have had many wonderful experiences with maintenance!  Al is the best!  He fixes everything promptly and is very friendly.  Best maintenance man ever!”

Frank Rogo

Resident Review: “Frank is the best! Anytime there is issue, he’s there.  It’s always nice to see him around, to say hello, and makes the apartment feel secure.”

Tom Koziara

Resident Review: “Every time we call, Tom arrives almost immediately after the call.  You address every concern and always offer to do a little something extra. Truly the best!”

Steve Emanuel

Resident Review: “We love Steve!  He goes above and beyond with a smile and understanding. We couldn’t be happier!”

Dylan Hindmarch

Resident Review: “Dylan at Hobart Court has been excellent from the day I moved in. Responses to requests are very prompt which is better than most other landlords. I really appreciate that. Overall, the maintenance team at Hobart Court is one of the best I have come across. Great work! I really appreciate it and sincere thanks from me. You are the heroes of Walnut Capital.”

Dave Sovari

Resident Review: “Thanks for all that you do to maintain our apartment! We’ve appreciated the great service over the past year.”

John Graziani

Resident Review: “John has been super helpful and kind. I’m so impressed by his independence and ability to get the job done usually single-handedly.”

Ryan Mullen

Resident Review: “Thank you Ryan for all of your kindness and thoughtful attention!”


Bakery Living

Jim Davis

Resident Review: “I had a very pleasant experience! Jim is always very responsive and accommodating to our needs, which is especially important given that we have a baby at home. Thank you very much!”

Dave Mitchell

Resident Review: “Thank you, Dave, for being an excellent repairman at Bakery Living! You are always so kind, and you are responsive and helpful. Pleasure seeing you around and having you work here. Thanks!”

Seth Barnes

Resident Review: “Seth is always so quick and responsive! I feel lucky to live in a building that’s so well taken care of. Thank you for all you do!!”

Brett Butler

Resident Review: “I really appreciate Brett’s efforts and good job! I’m having a great and comfortable time thanks to the team members. :)”

Lori McCormick

Resident Review: “The Bakery Living Orange Cleaning Staff is incredibly responsive. Their kind caring ways are truly appreciated.”


Walnut on Highland

Ed Daugherty

Resident Review: “Ed is fantastic, very professional, and always helpful whenever I have a question. I was a total idiot and didn’t realize the island lights had a dim switch and he politely came and showed me. I’ve lived in a few apartments and he is the best I’ve worked with.”

Archie Griffin

Resident Review: “I’ve had nothing but great experiences with the maintenance team here. Archie always stops to say hello to me and my dog Olive, and even gives her a treat if we’re near the treat jar in the front lobby. She doesn’t normally like strangers, but she’s found a friend in Archie and it melts my heart every time. I also want to thank the team especially for salting the ground outside when it snows. That is an unpleasant and thankless job, but I would like to thank them so much for doing such hard work.”

Calvin Murphy

Resident Review: “Calvin is the best. He is always so friendly and helpful. I couldn’t imagine living here without his help!”

Hot Metal Flats

Bastian Schwarz

Resident Review: “From little things to big things – everything has always been fixed properly and quickly! I do not have enough positive words about the worry-free living our maintenance team provides me! Bastian is always eager to talk in the hallways and is funny. He’s awesome! Personable and holds a good conversation. Couldn’t be happier.”

Dana Schwarz

Resident Review: “Dana is extremely courteous and pleasant. We really appreciate her assistance in keeping Hot Metal Flats up and running!”

The Foundry at 41st

Dara McFee

Resident Review: “Thank you for keeping our complex clean and tidy! She always tends to everything so quickly and I am grateful for her work!”

Chris Charmello

Resident Review: “I appreciate all of his hard work and effort to keep my own apartment in tip-top shape, as well as the apartment complex as a whole! Keep up the awesome work.”

Walnut Crossings

John Barras

Resident Review: “John is the BEST. He has always been very helpful and is so professional when he comes into the apt.”

Mike DeHaven

Resident Review: “Mike is always professional, detailed in his explanations, most kind & respectful at all times.”

John Walker

Resident Review: “John always is here quickly when I’ve had a problem..Thanks John..😊”

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