Our Favorite Breweries in Pittsburgh

Abjuration Brewing

644 Broadway Ave – McKees Rocks
Abjuration Brewing consists of two longtime friends and brewers from the Pittsburgh area. Their style is diverse, but they lean towards hoppy, clean American ales. They approach brewing with a mad scientist ideology, using new and experimental hops, yeast, malt, adjuncts and whatever else they can get their hands on. Small scale brewing allows for creative brewing.

Brew Gentlemen

512 Braddock Ave. – Braddock
Brew Gentlemen was born out of the desire to carve their own path, build something meaningful, and share great experiences. In November of 2010, while in their junior year at Carnegie Mellon University, Asa Foster and Matt Katase decided to ditch their previous tracks of Art and Math to pursue self-defined majors with a common goal: open a brewery. After narrowly avoiding being kicked out of CMU for brewing on campus, the pair graduated in 2012 and quickly found their home in Braddock. They embarked on an 18-month DIY renovation project to convert an old electrical supply store into the brewery and taproom you can visit today. Brew Gentlemen opened its doors in May 2014, and they haven’t looked back since.

Cinderlands Beer Company

3705 Butler Street – Lawrenceville
In a self-made city like Pittsburgh, rebirth happens through every citizen’s decision to start something new, and pursue progress right here at home. At Cinderlands, they make beer and food that reflects the diversity of our community – both contemporary and familiar, high quality and inventive, serious and fun.  They capture the evolving spirit of the IPA even as they hearken back to the lagers and ales that took the world by storm.  And they invite you in to share in the warmth of that fervor.

Dancing Gnome Beer

925 Main Street – Sharpsburg
Dancing Gnome is the germination of ardent exploration and the thirst for veracity. They apologetically brew hop pronounced styles and believe in the process of designing, refining, and perfecting their creations. They believe in eudaimonia, indulgence, and a harmonious blend of earnest work and ebullient play. They believe in the dichotomy of reverent traditions and brazen pioneers. They brew with knowledge, passion, and lucid abandon. Their home is your home. Welcome to Dancing Gnome.

East End Brewing Company

102 19th St. – East Liberty
East End Brewing is Pittsburgh’s home for Fresh Local Beer since 2004!  They’re a Brewpub, Taproom, and Production Brewery distributing kegs, cans, and even a few BIG bottles throughout Western Pennsylvania. They have 2 locations, both offering Pints and Taster flights. And they also have Big Bottles, Cans, Growlers, and Crowlers of their beers to go. At the Brewery location, they also offer Kegs, or you can come take a Brewery Tour.

Eleventh Hour Brewing

3711 Charlotte Street – Lawrenceville
Being centrally located to all the great things the city has to offer, Eleventh Hour Brewing is a great place to stop for a few brews in Lawrenceville! Having both a great selection of beers and a welcoming atmosphere, this is one brewery that really has it all.

Full Pint Brewing

5310 Butler St. – Lawrenceville
If you live in the Pittsburgh area, you’ve probably tried the delicious and refreshing beer from Full Pint Brewing! With both a Full Pint Brewery in North Versailles and the Full Pint Wild Side Pub in Lawrenceville, there’s 2 locations for you to check out and enjoy.

Grist House Craft Brewery

10 E Sherman Street – Millvale
Kyle Mientkiewicz and Brian Eaton started brewing beer like everyone else- in their home brewing only 5 or 10 gallons at a time. After years of home brewing and honing their craft, they decided to open their own brewery and Grist House was born. After countless forms, hunting for property, remodeling an old slaughterhouse into a brewery, and installing equipment, they finally opened Grist House Craft Brewery’s doors Memorial Day weekend 2014. Whether you prefer a full-body IPA, refreshing wheat, crisp Kolsh or a hearty imperial stout, they grind out great beers that you (and your friends) will truly enjoy.

Hitchhiker Brewing

1500 S. Canal St – Sharpsburg
Their brewery and taproom, located in historic Sharpsburg, is an unique spot to enjoy all of their beers, as well as their pub fare. Sip a beer among the fermenters, take a tour and get a closer look at the gleaming 15-barrel brewhouse, or gather with friends along the 25-foot long steel-topped bar. Their knowledgeable beer staff will guide you through a great experience. They remain committed to brewing the best beer possible with the lowest environmental impact.

Hop Farm Brewing Company

5601 Butler Street – Lawrenceville
Hop Farm Brewing company is a independently partner owned brewery by Matthew and Emily Gouwens, in the Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Their focus is on sustainability and local sourcing while producing hoppy ales, farmhouse ales, sour ales and various other interesting brews. This brewery is a must-try if you’re in the area.

Roundabout Brewery

4901 Butler Street – Lawrenceville
So, it is your typical start-up brewery story:  Brewer wants to open his own place after working for breweries in FL, HI, CA (x3), CO, MO (x2), New Zealand, and PA (x3).  Hmmmm, maybe that isn’t so typical.  Regardless, they are so excited to finally open the doors to their brewery.  They are excited to share their beer with the city of Pittsburgh, and we’re excited to be drinking it!

Strange Roots Experimental Ales

501 E. Ohio Street – Millvale
After 6 years of brewing, exploring and expanding their craft at Draai Laag, they’re applying all that they’ve learned to make some exciting changes in 2018. As of March 7, Draai Laag became Strange Roots Experimental Ales. After a lot of thought and even more beers, they decided there are some things they want to do a little differently – like explore more brewing variations, get creative with styles they haven’t made before, and open a second tasting room at their new production facility in Gibsonia. That means a wide variety of new beers you can drink right where they brew ‘em!

Southern Tier Brewing Co.

316 North Shore Drive – North Shore
Pittsburgh is the home of the first satellite brewpub from Southern Tier Brewing Co., which was founded in Lakewood, NY less 3 hours north of PGH in 2002. They’re known for brewing world-class hoppy ales and decadent dessert beers alike, but what many folks know them for is the experience they have when our visiting their brewery. At STBC PGH, you can expect the full Southern Tier Experience. They take their food as seriously as they do their beer. Their full kitchen aims to pair each house made dish, from sweet to savory, with their handcrafted brews.

Voodoo Brewery

205 E. 9th Ave. – Homestead
The Employee Owners of Voodoo Brewing Co. have taken their brewing experiences and quirky personalities and wrapped it up into a line of beers oriented around what they feel are fun, flavorful, and thought-provoking. We know you’ll enjoy their beers as much as we do. Cheers!

War Streets Brewery

900 Western Ave – North Side
The War Streets Brewery is dedicated to producing exceptional beers in the Northside of Pittsburgh. They have also opened Bier’s Pub, the exclusive taproom for the War Streets Brewery, serving exceptional local brews.  A beer for every street and all streets lead to Bier’s Pub!



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