10 Way to Make Your Studio Look and Feel Bigger

Do you live in a studio or small one bedroom apartment and aren’t quite sure how to set it up or fit all of your stuff? We’ve got you covered! Try out some of these organization and decorating techniques to make your studio feel like home!

1. Hidden Storage

When you live in a studio, every square inch matters, so finding furniture pieces that you can store your items in can be a huge help!

2. Floating Wall Shelves

You can also save space by hanging floating wall shelves around your apartment to store smaller items and knick knacks on.

3. Fold-able Furniture

Collapsible furniture is a game-changer when it comes to living in a small space. You can find desks and coffee tables that turn into dining room tables, desks that fold down from the wall, and so much more.

4. Hang Curtains at Ceiling Height

Hanging your curtains at ceiling height rather than right above your window will give your apartment the appearance of lofted ceilings, making it feel more spacious.

5. Use Curtains to Break Up the Space

Not a fan of having your bed in the same space as your living room? Hang curtains to divide the space and have your own little bedroom.

6. Or Use Shelving to Break Up the Space

You can also use shelving or dividers to break up your studio into a bedroom and living room! Not only will this divide the space, but also give you plenty of extra storage.

7. Storage Bed

Save room by buying a storage bed and ditching your dresser. Some storage beds are even lofted, offering up to 9 drawers for storage.

8. Hang Mirrors to Make Your Space Look Bigger

Having a large mirror in your studio apartment will reflect your room, creating the illusion of more space.

9. Multipurpose Furniture

It’s no secret that buying multipurpose furniture can save you a ton of space! Plus, you would be surprised how many options are out there.

10. Take Advantage of Corners

Try finding furniture or shelving that fits perfectly into the corners of your studio apartment so you don’t waste any extra room.



How have you decorated your studio apartment? We want to see! Send pictures of your apartment to marketing@walcap.com to be featured in a future blog post.

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