About Us

Walnut Capital is one of Pittsburgh’s largest and fastest growing real estate management, development and brokerage companies leading the way in development and property management of residential communities, luxury apartments, townhomes and commercial real estate in various prime locations throughout downtown Pittsburgh, PA and surrounding communities.

We are committed to innovation, excellence and client satisfaction. Our customers define the standard of quality and service we provide, and we understand that resident loyalty must be earned through exemplary service in a quality home rental environment. Our reputation for successful management of our own properties has attracted a large client base of owners and investors who recognize the value that we provide in development, property management and real estate consulting services.

Walnut Capital has acquired extensive experience with redevelopment agencies and independent landowners. Tenants, partners and clients receive commendable service in a quality home rental environment. Our Principals are experienced “hands on” managers with entrepreneurial dexterity and experience in conversions. Each Principal of Walnut Capital contributes a wealth of business management and development expertise, with knowledge in maintenance, leasing and financial reporting services. Our mission is to help our residents and commercial clients make informed choices built to suit the needs of every individual and business.